BRIGHTON - Denver Broncos safety William Parks is facing misdemeanor charges of harassment and non-physical domestic violence stemming from an incident in Brighton with his former girlfriend.

Parks, 22, also has a restraining order filed against him. He was arrested March 31 and released on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond. He is due in Adams County Court on June 30.

The Broncos sent a statement to 9NEWS, stating, “We became aware of the issue involving Will Parks immediately after it occurred in March. It was promptly reported to the league office and we are continuing to monitor the matter.’’

According to an arrest affidavit filed with the Adams County courthouse, a Brighton police officer was dispatched March 24 to the home of the victim, who said she had been seeing Parks for about a year but that the relationship had recently broken off. The victim told the officer she had gone to Parks’ home in Englewood to pick up her belongings. As she did, she said she used two of Parks’ suitcases and two trash bags and added that she was assisted by Parks’ brother, Tyree, and one of Parks’ teammates in loading her car.

She then told the officer Parks later accused her of taking his social security card, birth certificate, football rings and football jerseys. She said Parks started placing threatening phone calls to her, at one point saying he was going to come to her house “with his people’’ to get his things.

The victim also said Parks was going to call his lawyers, the cops and his family to “handle it.” The affidavit also stated, according to the victim, Parks said he was going to have his cousin on the next flight from Philadelphia to “beat her ass.’’

Although the victim repeatedly asked Parks to stop contacting her, she said she frequently received calls and texts from Parks’ brother, Tyree. While the officer was at the victim’s house, Tyree called the victim. The officer had the victim put her phone on speaker. The officer in his report wrote Tyree said, “He was just bluffing, he was trying to scare you.’’

The officer wrote that while interviewing the victim she was “crying and shaking.’’

The officer interviewed Parks on March 31. Parks was accompanied by his attorney Carrie Slinkard. During the interview, Parks said he was upset because he thought his girlfriend stole his items. Parks said he never argued, cussed or threatened his former girlfriend.

"My client was cooperative with law enforcement throughout the course of the investigation,'' Slinkard said. "We adamantly deny the allegations of criminal conduct reported by the named victim. We are extremely disappointed in the officer's decision to arrest Mr. Parks given the circumstances at issue in this case. But we nevertheless trust the criminal justice system and our confident this case will end in a just result. My client is looking forward to his day in court.''

Parks may also be subject to examination by the NFL as it pertains to its personal conduct policy.