And now sports fans, a break from the NFL.

We all need a break from the Broncos, don’t we? Coaches could use some time off. Viewers need a break. The players need to get away, too.

Problem is, six weeks off is a loooong time for young athletes with a little bit of fame and money.

“Off the field, the message was let’s be smart,’’ said Vance Joseph, who just completed his first offseason program as the Broncos’ head coach. “Stay out of trouble and walk away from conflict. Use Uber. Just really be socially conscious about their surroundings, their behavior and again, any conflict, please walk away. Be smart.’’

Good advice for everybody, not just young players. All in all, it was a productive offseason for the Broncos. Everybody can see Joseph is a strong leader. Regardless of whether the quarterback is Siemian or Lynch the offense is improved.

The defense suffered injuries to backup players. Adam Gotsis went down with a knee scope Thursday, although Joseph said the second-year defensive lineman would be back in the first week of training camp that is scheduled to begin with rookies reporting July 23, veterans reporting July 26 and the first workout expected to be on July 27.

But enough about the Broncos for a while. The Rockies are in a playoff race. See ya at training camp. Unless of course, something unexpected happens in these next six weeks.