KUSA – They got this sports technology device that players wear on the back of their practice jerseys

called the Catapult OptimEye S5 and it uses sensors to track how fast players are going during practice.

Broncos’ cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said he’s consistently going 20 mph where in recent years he was clocked at 16-17 mph.

“I’m faster than I have been,’’ he said.

How can that be when Harris is now 29 and entering his eighth body-busting NFL season?

“Loren,’’ he said, referring to Loren Landow, who replaced Luke Richesson as the Broncos’ strength and conditioning coach. “I ran all offseason and then coming back here I’m still doing the same stuff. When Luke was here we never ran really. But with Landow coming in, we do a lot of running, a lot of speed.

“Luke was more strength and flexibility. Just different type of training. I think we have a little more team speed with Landow. Even though I love Luke. He was a great strength coach. Just different philosophies.’’

After six years of training the Broncos, Richesson is now the Houston Texans’ strength and conditioning coach.

Harris appears to have an extra bounce step in his swifter steps this camp. Maybe it's the extra $3 million worth of incentives he got added to his 2018 salary. Maybe it's the departure of Aqib Talib that has allowed Harris to spread his ways in the Broncos' cornerback room. Maybe it's the added responsibility he's getting in the secondary.

Whatever it is, the three-time Pro Bowler and 2016 All-Pro said he believes the best is yet to come in his career.

“On breaks, guys are always coming with me,'' he said. "We’re always watching film, making sure that we can all be on the same page. Also, in practice, I’m not just playing the slot. I’m playing left corner. I’m playing right corner. Some days, I don’t even play the slot. They’re getting me used to playing everywhere because that’s how it’s going to be during the season.”