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It's a bigger, stronger Von Miller in 2019

The edge rusher is moving up from 236-pound range to 245 so he can take on blockers better.
Credit: KUSA

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — He’s been bigger some years, lighter in others. This season, Miller wants to play about 10 pounds heavier.

“It was never bad, just wasn’t what I wanted it to be," Miller said. “I was 238 or 236. It’s not bad, but I want to be 245 or 248. I’m right back at that now. Being 238 last year, I felt like that was a good weight for me. I played in the Super Bowl at 236, so I felt like that was a good weight for me.

“I just experimented a little bit. It was good, but when it comes to technique and skill, you can’t really put 10 pounds on. You have to have it, or you don’t. It’s a totally different player from being 245 to 235. It’s a totally different game. I just wanted to get back to 245, and I’ve been doing it that way."

Wait a minute. He was 236 in Super Bowl 50 and wants to add weight? If he was 236 when he had two, strip sacks that led to two Broncos touchdowns in a 24-10 Super Bowl win against Cam Newton and Carolina, why add weight?

“I feel like for me, the difference between 235 and 245 is not really get-off," said Miller, who has 98 1/2 career sacks in the regular season, an average of 12.3 per season. “It’s not really speed. It’s not really getting hurt or getting injured. It’s not really agility or anything like that, or my moves. It’s when you get locked up with an offensive lineman and where you’re able to go with that."

“(At) 235, you can go a certain direction with that when you’re locked in with an offensive lineman. (At) 245, you can go just a little bit further with that -- 245 is where I want to be at. It’s still not much. It’s only 10 pounds. It’s not a lot, but I need that 10 pounds.”

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