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Lindsay's chiropractic treatement wasn't what it was cracked up to be

Running back suffers stiff back after treatment
Credit: AP Photo/David Zalubowski
Denver Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay (30) takes part in drills during the opening day of the team's NFL football training camp Thursday, July 18, 2019, in Englewood, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

DENVER — Hello, coach Fangio?


The American Chiropractic Association is on line one.

The Broncos held a training camp practice in front of more than 21,000 fans at their stadium Saturday. The diehards didn’t get to see running back Phillip Lindsay.

“Phillip was getting a chiropractic treatment and the guy overdid it,’’ said Broncos head coach Vic Fangio. “So to hell with chiropractors, let’s just play football.”

Coach Vic? ACA, line one.

Said Lindsay to 9News as he was jogging off the field: “I got some chiropractor work done and then afterwards my back started tightening up. It can happen when you haven’t had a chiropractic work in a while.”

So anymore chiropractic treatment coming up?

“No, I’m good,’’ he said.

More stars absent

Two other big stars, pass rusher Von Miller and receiver Emmanuel Sanders, were excused to attend a funeral service for a mutual friend.

The Broncos also lost starting cornerback Bryce Callahan early in practice when his left foot was stepped on. It was worrisome because he broke that foot last year while playing with the Chicago Bears. X-rays were negative though, so Callahan should be fine.

Gotsis got it

The practice ended when Broncos defensive end Adam Gotsis snagged a Drew Lock pass along the line of scrimmage and returned for a touchdown. From the offensive perspective, it was a fluke play. From the defensive perspective, it was a terrific athletic play by Gotsis.

After scoring, Gotsis punted the ball.

“A little Australian Rules football there,’’ Gotsis said. “It wasn’t the best kick. Didn’t do any justice in my punting career.’’

Fangio called off the practice right there. A head coach with an offensive background may have never done that.

“Probably would have run the period all over again,’’ Gotsis said. “No, just trying to make a play for the team. When it comes that time in the season, hopefully I can make the same play.’’

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