Editor's Note: This story was originally published after Peyton Manning announced his retirement in 2016. We are republishing since March 7, 2017 marks one-year since his retirement.

During his time in Denver, Peyton Manning didn't just make an impression with his game play.

From hilarious press conferences, to showing off his extreme dedication, to his "dad" dance moves on the practice field, some of Manning's most memorable moments had nothing to do with throwing touchdowns.

Here are 9 of Peyton Manning's best moments on the field:

  1. In July of 2014 Peyton couldn’t contain his dancing fever during practice when “Rocky Top Tennessee” was played through the practice field speakers.
  2. After the 23-16 divisional playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Manning generously gave Demaryius Thomas the game ball to give to his mother who was able to watch the game in person for the first time in DT’s career. (Does anyone else need tissues?)
  3. Manning’s is questioned about what “Omaha” means:
Omaha is a run play, but it could be a pass play or a play-action pass, depending on a couple things…Which way we're going, the quarter, and the jerseys that we're wearing, It varies, really, from play to play. So, there's your answer to that one.
  1. At the AFC Championship game press conference, Manning brought his son Marshall up to the podium with him and he completely stole the show and our hearts.
  2. After breaking Brett Favre’s record for most career passing touchdowns Denver Broncos receivers played 'keep away' with Peyton’s record-setting ball. Later we found out Manning the prankster had staged it but it was still an entertaining moment.
  3. Manning’s response to a child acting as reporter at the Super Bowl podium about the last rodeo comment he made to Belichick after the AFC Championships:
No you totally missed the point, I am going to go participate in the rodeo now. I’ve been working on the lasso, I’ve got the cowboy hat. So you totally, totally missed the point there.
  1. In December 2014 Peyton is photographed sitting with his legs in an ice bath, with his helmet on still listening to the play calls to get mental reps, and studying his iPad. Officially showing us all what it takes to make a champion.
  2. In October of 2013 Manning fooled the Dallas Cowboys defense when he ran the ball into the end zone for his first rushing Touchdown in 5 years.
  3. September 2015 Manning’s name popped up on the injury report following a Monday night practice. When questioned about it the next day in the locker room Manning decided to create an injury report of his own… for reporters:
I think the media should have to do an injury report as well. I'd like to create it myself. Let me start with Klis, I mean just —the carpal tunnel from texting all of his sources. This is not a healthy group by any means. But I never hear you guys complaining about it, so I'm not going to complain about it. So In many ways, you guys inspire me.

What were your favorite moments from Peyton Manning's time with the Broncos?