Ding. Dong. The Sports Authority Field sign will soon be gone.

On Tuesday, during the Broncos season ending press conference Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis announced that the Sports Authority name and sign will soon be removed from the Broncos team stadium.

Ellis said he spoke with stadium general manager Jay Roberts he told the and stated, "We are in the process of having engineers looking [at the stadium]. We are going to take the [Sports Authority] signs down. All exterior signage will come down, starting in about a week or 10 days."

It's been a long time coming after Sports Authority Inc. declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on March 2016 and declared all stores would close at the end of August 2016.

However, they have yet to announce the new name or one that will replace the giant red and blue logo.

"I suspect by the start of the season we'll either have a placeholder name or a name on the building that involves a corporation supporting that name," Ellis said.

In the mean time, the stadium moves from one awkward name based on liquidated company to no name at all. Maybe when they finally announce a name, Broncos fans will finally know what to call the home of the Denver Broncos, or just stick with Mile High Stadium.