The Denver Broncos haven't had a loss this bad since 2010 - when they were beaten to a pulp by the Raiders 59 to 14. The team's on their third-string quarterback and dealing with a host of issues.

To add insult to injury, it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Broncos so badly on Sunday their stadium ran out of fireworks to celebrate their touchdowns (7 of them).

The Broncos (3-5) lost 51-23 to the Eagles (8-1) in a game where the box score - even though it's lopsided - doesn't tell the full story.

Yes, the Eagles ran out of fireworks, but they also pulled their starting quarterback and a starting guard before the end of play Sunday.

Even Von Miller has conceded: he said after the game that the Broncos aren't a good football team.

9NEWS' Broncos insider Mike Klis took a look at the game - you can read his full recap here.

It may not have been a good week for the Broncos, but at least Demaryius Thomas caught his first TD pass this season. We're looking on the bright side here.

They'll always be our team. After all, #WeAreBroncos.

Oh yeah, and then there was this incredible play: