DENVER – Not just the Broncos players and coaching staff are getting ready for Super Bowl 50, the Broncos' iconic mascot is getting prepared as well.

Thunder Two, typically seen running the field at games, is getting ready to roll to San Francisco. If the Broncos win the Super Bowl, Thunder Three will be used in the victory parade in Denver. Thunder Two and owner Sharon Magness Blake will load up next week and make the two-day road trip to San Francisco, where there will spend several days making public appearances and then get on the field for Super Bowl 50.    

"So three of us will drive out there and two will fly and it takes a lot of equipment. It's like having a child with a play pen and everything you need, everything for him, so we will have our big rig and take everything out Monday morning," said Magness.

Thunder should start making public appearances around the San Francisco area by Wednesday or Thursday next week. 

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