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We asked Coloradans how they would feel about Tom Brady as a Bronco — and they had feelings

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not beloved in Denver. But what if he won a Super Bowl in a Broncos uniform?
Credit: AP Images
This is what it looks like when you paste a Broncos jersey on a photo of Tom Brady.

DENVER — If you logged into Facebook and were immediately … disturbed by a certain Photoshop job by 9NEWS Digital Producer Alex Kirk, you weren’t alone.

The question: With free agent Tom Brady potentially on the market, how would you feel about him in a Denver Broncos uniform?

For many, hating Tom Brady is as much of a Colorado trait as loving craft beer or complaining about transplants (even if you are one).

And this potential New England transplant generated a lot of feelings … in the form of more than 1,500 comments as of this writing.

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As you can imagine, many folks just couldn’t put aside Brady’s affiliation with what many consider to be an evil empire.

“Why would a classy team like the Denver Broncos want a cheater like Tom (crybaby) Brady?” Vicki Diane Elder wrote, in part.

Credit: Facebook

“NEVER!” L’Dena Pereira said. “Not in Denver! We deserve a lot better than CRY BABY BRADY!”

Credit: Facebook

Lari Anderson summed it up succinctly.

“I love my Broncos but if Tom Brady becomes a Bronco, well let’s just say I’ll have a lot of stuff for sale,” her comment read.

Credit: Facebook

Jason Roberts took it a step further.

“I’d like to see him in a Broncos uniform the same way I’d like a chainsaw through my forehead,” he wrote.

Credit: Facebook

Of course, Brady does have a reputation for winning Super Bowls. And some Broncos fans wouldn’t mind setting their feelings aside if it means another championship run.

“I don’t understand most of you commenting,” Zack Turner wrote. “We’re talking about Tom Brady. We took broken Peyton Manning on and won a SB. If you paid attention this season you would know Brady is playing some great ball, look at their ending record. I personally see he has another 2-4 years left.”

Credit: Facebook

“I don’t at the moment, but if Tom Brady starting winning a bunch of Super Bowls for the Denver Broncos, my opinion of him could change real quickly,” Sean Jamison commented.

Credit: Facebook

Of course, there’s another factor at play here: the fact many fans consider Drew Lock the quarterback of the future.

“No, Drew is going to be great for the Broncos,” Terry Kenkel wrote. “The era of a pocket passer like Tom is gone.”

Credit: Facebook

“Keep Drew Lock and develop his skills!!” Jessica Meadows seconded. “Denver needs to stop being the place QBs come to retire.”

Credit: Facebook

And maybe this answer from Missaliss Ann sums up how Denver feels about this whole thing best:

“We don’t want sloppy seconds from the Patriots!” she wrote. “We got lucky with Peyton Manning but that’s because he’s one of a kind!!!”

Credit: Facebook

Have you not shared your feelings about Tom Brady in a Broncos uniform? Weigh in below:

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