Vic Fangio grew up playing high school football in northeast Pennsylvania at Dunmore High School. 

The new Broncos head coach hasn't had the helm of a team thus far in his career, but he has seen success as a defensive coordinator, assistant and linebackers coach prior to his opportunity with Denver. 

He started off his coaching career at Dunmore under his head football coach Jack Henzes. Now 82 years old, Henzes continues to coach the Bucks football program.

"He is a passionate guy about football," Fangio said. "He gets me on the phone, he wants to learn the new things, 'what are you doing here?', if he's having a problem with something [and] how to solve it. He's never lost his passion or his energy for football."

Jack Henzes missed coaching the Bucks this past season due health issues but is hoping to be back on the sidelines next year which would be his 53rd season at Dunmore.

Fangio will always take with him the passion, energy and the principles Henzes bestowed upon him as a head coach.