The man with possibly the world’s greatest Twitter account had a big thank you for the Denver Broncos organization.

Wade Phillips, who we can most certainly thank for the Broncos’ Super Bowl victory, will be leaving Denver for sunny Los Angeles.

The Broncos announced Thursday they were allowing Phillips’ contract to expire – and he was quickly picked up by the Rams.

“Thanks to John for bringing me, the greatest staff, to Gary our leader, to the best players ever and to the greatest fans. I will miss you,” Phillips tweeted.

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And even though Broncos fans will miss both Phillips’ incredible defense and his even better Twitter skills, he says they’re in good hands.

“Congrats to my friend Vance,” Phillips later tweeted. “Great hire by John Elway. Don’t worry about the D. Vance knows what I know, plus what he knows about defense!”

We’ll miss you, Wade! Good luck in Los Angeles! And even though he’s gone, his amazing tweets – like our hearts – will go on.

Here’s a Celine Dion song to listen to while you read the below sampling of some of Wade's genius tweets: