NEW ORLEANS — Officer, I would like to report a robbery.

After the New Orleans Saints' season ended in a 26-23 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Rams, several fans said the championship was "stolen" by a very disputed non-call

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After the game, one police department on the Northshore joked that officers should investigate the incident as a theft.

"We think our friends at the New Orleans Police Department should issue a theft warrant for the NFL officials who stole the win from the New Orleans Saints!" the Slidell Police Department shared on Facebook Sunday.

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One Facebook user agreed, saying: "There were 70,000 witnesses!" Another user volunteered to personally write up the arrest warrant.

The Los Angeles Police Department also tweeted about the robbery complaints after the game.

"We would help investigate, but A) it's outside our jurisdiction, and B) we just don't see enough evidence of a crime," the official LAPD HQ Twitter account wrote.

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The police departments were not the only ones joking about the referees after the Saints heartbreaking loss to the Rams. A Louisiana eye doctor's office joked that it was offering free eye exams for any NFL official before the start of next season.

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The Rams head to Atlanta in about a week for the Feb. 3 Super Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. They will face the five-time champion Patriots, who won the AFC title in a game that also went to overtime. New England defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime Sunday night. 

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