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Will Ferrell really hates Norway in GM's Super Bowl 55 ad

The 'No Way, Norway' Super Bowl commercial has Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina jetting off to Norway to set the record straight on electric cars.

WASHINGTON — General Motors on Wednesday debuted its Super Bowl LV ad, featuring Will Ferrell, who is not too pleased to learn that Norway outpaces the United States in electric car sales.

The ad called, "No Way, Norway," takes Ferrell and his actor friends, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina (Nora Lum), to Norway to try and set the record straight and give the Norwegians a piece of their mind. 

The minute and a half ad released before the big games starts with Ferrell pointing to Norway on a globe before punching his fist through it. Unable to remove the globe from his right hand, he hops in his GM electric vehicle to get his friends on the road.

The commercial is part of General Motor's “Everybody In” campaign, to get a new generation of car buyers excited about electric vehicles and show off the company's Ultium battery platform.

"With Gm's new Ultium battery, we're going to crush those lugers," Ferrell says in the commercial, while driving a General Motor Cadillac LYRIQ luxury SUV. "CRUSH THEM! Let's go America!"

Credit: General Motors
A screengrab from General Motor's Super Bowl LV ad with Will Ferrell.

After getting Thompson and Awkwafina on the road in their GM electric vehicle, Ferrell catches a ride on a cargo ship to end up in what he thinks is Norway. 

"Hey listen up you fish-loving...oh, this place is adorable," Ferrell says while standing in a small town by his GM with a megaphone.

The commercial ends with Ferrell figuring out he's actually in Sweden and Thompson and Lum somehow stranded in snow-covered Finland.

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“The big game is the perfect venue for the incomparable Will Ferrell to encourage us all to reconsider what we know about electric vehicles, and to invite ‘Everybody In’,” said Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer in a statement. "We admire his passion for EVs and share Norway’s pursuit of an all-electric future.”

“I’m excited to be a part of GM’s commitment to EVs,” said Ferrell in a GM statement. “I’ve been driving an EV since the mid-80s...well, actually it was a regular car with four AA batteries taped to the carburetor, but it felt like an EV! We’re coming for you, Norway!”

GM reports that over half of the new vehicles sold in Norway are electric. In the U.S., electric vehicles made up only 4 percent of the market share in 2020.

Last week, General Motors announced its goal of making the vast majority of the vehicles it produces electric by 2035, and the entire company carbon neutral, including operations, five years after that.

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The company has already announced that it will invest $27 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles in the next five years, a 35% increase over plans made before the pandemic. It will offer 30 all-electric models worldwide by the middle of the decade. By the end of 2025, 40% of its U.S. models will be battery electric vehicles. The company plans to include crossovers, SUVs, sedans and trucks in its electric vehicle lineup.

GM said it will source 100% renewable energy to power its U.S. sites by 2030 and global sites by 2035. That's five years faster than its previously announced global goal.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Credit: AP
This image provided by General Motors shows the new company logo.

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