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Lindsay Lohan spoofs her partying past in Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial

Lindsay Lohan's acting comeback now includes a Super Bowl commercial.

WASHINGTON — Lindsay Lohan is celebrating her acting comeback with a playful nod to her previous drama in a star-studded Planet Fitness commercial airing during the Super Bowl

The 35-year-old “Mean Girls” star has kept a low profile over the past several years and has been based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She also recently announced she's engaged.

The Super Bowl commercial, narrated by William Shatner, walks through some changes she's been going through recently and says she's sharper than ever, sleeping soundly and is more productive than ever. 

It starts with a room full of treadmill walkers asking "what's gotten into Lindsay?" while the celebrity power-walks among them.

The 30-second ad cuts to Lohan competing on "Jeopardy!", where she beats Dennis Rodman on a question about himself. Then, it shows her sleeping peacefully while paparazzi photographers cry. It's a play on her complicated past with the paparazzi, often catching her in unflattering situations and fueling gossip shows with her exploits. 

"I miss Lindsay!" one photographer cries out amidst the tears. 

During the ad, there's even a joke about her 2011 arrest for jewelry theft. Lohan is shown bedazzling some extra bling onto an ankle monitor worn by actor Danny Trejo. 

Finally, all the changes are explained by Shatner, sitting down at a piece of exercise equipment as Lohan walks by: "Maybe it's not what's gotten into Lindsay. Maybe it's what Lindsay's gotten into."

Since moving to Dubai, Lohan has kept a low profile and said that her partying days were behind her. She is slated to appear in a holiday romantic comedy released by Netflix, co-starring singer-songwriter Chord Overstreet.

The Super Bowl is notorious for noteworthy and star-filled commercials, and this year is no exception. Alongside Lohan's Planet Fitness commercial are spots with Peyton Manning, Guy Fieri and Lizzo, just to name a few. 

NBCUniversal said it has sold all of the ad space for the 2022 Super Bowl, with some 30-second commercial spots going for as much as $7 million.

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