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No matter who you’re rooting for on Sunday, everyone will be cheering for green, as in the guacamole sure to be found at every Super Bowl party. Avocados will get smashed and consumed in large quantities come Sunday, but making the popular dip can be expensive.

The prices vary around town on the little green fruit. (Yes, it’s a fruit!) Plus, the size of the avocados on sale varies by store, so don’t forget to factor that in before making your shopping list. Size is noted, when possible.

And, please, no double-dipping! Everyone agrees it’s a major party foul.

Here’s the price-check:

Costco – Bag of large avocados for $4.99 (6-ct.) — members only

King Soopers – Large avocado for 77¢

Safeway – Medium avocado for 77¢ — limit 6

Sam’s Club – Bag of avocados for $4.98 (5-lb.) — members only

Save a Lot – Avocado for 50¢

Sprouts Farmers Market – Avocado for 50¢

Target – Avocado for $1

Trader Joe’s – Avocado for $1.29 or an organic avocado for $1.69; Special – 3-lb. bag of regular avocados for $4.99

Walmart – Large avocado for 98¢

Whole Foods Market – Avocado for $1.25 or organic avocado for $1.50

Shop early for the best selection. King Soopers and Safeway require their respective shopper’s card to get the sale price. Prices may vary by location.

If you’re in a rush, most grocery stores sell ready-made guacamole in the deli. However, don’t expect it to be cheap. One of the best prices is at Safeway — a tub of guacamole for $5. Just take off the lid and it’s ready for dipping.

Go, team!

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