Welcome to the American Hockey League Colorado Eagles.

It's starting to feel real now that the back-to-back ECHL Kelly Cup Champions and Colorado Avalanche minor league affiliate officially has an AHL schedule for the 2018-19 season.

Their time in the league begins against the Chicago Wolves on Friday, October 5th at 7:05pm at the Budweiser Event center.

Colorado will play 68 regular season contests, half on the road and the other half at home.

DayDateGameTimeTime (Mountain)Visiting Team Home Team
Fri9/28/2018Preseason7:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado
Sat9/29/2018Preseason7:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado
Fri10/5/201837:05 PM7:05 PMChicagoat Colorado
Sat10/6/2018137:05 PM7:05 PMChicagoat Colorado
Fri10/12/2018407:30 PM6:30 PMColoradoat San Antonio
Sat10/13/2018537:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat San Antonio
Fri10/19/2018737:05 PM7:05 PMOntarioat Colorado
Sat10/20/2018857:05 PM7:05 PMOntarioat Colorado
Fri10/26/20181097:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat Iowa
Sat10/27/20181237:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat Iowa
Fri11/2/20181427:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Sat11/3/20181567:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Fri11/9/20181887:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat San Diego
Sat11/10/20182027:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat San Diego
Tue11/13/20182117:05 PM7:05 PMStocktonat Colorado
Wed11/14/20182157:05 PM7:05 PMStocktonat Colorado
Sat11/17/20182357:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat Bakersfield
Sun11/18/20182515:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat San Jose
Tue11/20/20182536:30 PM7:30 PMColoradoat Bakersfield
Fri11/23/20182667:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado
Sat11/24/20182817:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado
Fri11/30/20183107:05 PM7:05 PMIowaat Colorado
Sat12/1/20183247:05 PM7:05 PMIowaat Colorado
Fri12/7/20183507:05 PM7:05 PMSan Diegoat Colorado
Sat12/8/20183657:05 PM7:05 PMSan Diegoat Colorado
Tue12/11/20183837:05 PM7:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Wed12/12/20183897:05 PM7:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Sat12/15/20184106:00 PM7:00 PMColoradoat Ontario
Fri12/21/20184397:05 PM7:05 PMBakersfieldat Colorado
Sat12/22/20184527:05 PM7:05 PMBakersfieldat Colorado
Thu12/27/20184741:15 PM2:15 PMColoradoat San Jose
Sun12/30/20185022:00 PM1:00 PMColoradoat Manitoba
Mon12/31/20185084:00 PM3:00 PMColoradoat Manitoba
Fri1/4/20195197:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat Bakersfield
Sat1/5/20195426:00 PM7:00 PMColoradoat Stockton
Fri1/11/20195637:05 PM7:05 PMBakersfieldat Colorado
Sat1/12/20195787:05 PM7:05 PMBakersfieldat Colorado
Fri1/18/20196077:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Sat1/19/20196217:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Mon1/21/20196411:00 PM2:00 PMColoradoat Stockton
Wed1/23/20196466:30 PM7:30 PMColoradoat Bakersfield
Fri1/25/20196617:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat Ontario
Sat1/26/20196776:00 PM7:00 PMColoradoat Ontario
Fri2/1/20196967:05 PM7:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Sat2/2/20197107:05 PM7:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Fri2/8/20197257:05 PM7:05 PMStocktonat Colorado
Sat2/9/20197397:05 PM7:05 PMStocktonat Colorado
Tue2/12/20197597:05 PM7:05 PMSan Diegoat Colorado
Wed2/13/20197657:05 PM7:05 PMSan Diegoat Colorado
Sat2/16/20197906:00 PM7:00 PMColoradoat Stockton
Sun2/17/20198035:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat Stockton
Sat2/23/20198366:00 PM7:00 PMColoradoat Ontario
Tue2/26/20198497:05 PM7:05 PMSan Antonioat Colorado
Wed2/27/20198517:05 PM7:05 PMSan Antonioat Colorado
Sat3/2/20198727:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Sun3/3/20198833:05 PM7:05 PMTucsonat Colorado
Fri3/8/20199067:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat San Diego
Sat3/9/20199197:00 PM8:00 PMColoradoat San Diego
Tue3/12/20199337:05 PM7:05 PMOntarioat Colorado
Wed3/13/20199367:05 PM7:05 PMOntarioat Colorado
Sat3/16/20199631:15 PM2:15 PMColoradoat San Jose
Sun3/17/20199713:00 PM4:00 PMColoradoat San Jose
Fri3/22/20199857:05 PM7:05 PMManitobaat Colorado
Sat3/23/20199987:05 PM7:05 PMManitobaat Colorado
Fri3/29/201910377:05 PM8:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Sat3/30/201910527:05 PM8:05 PMColoradoat Tucson
Sat4/6/201910877:00 PM6:00 PMColoradoat Chicago
Sun4/7/201910983:00 PM2:00 PMColoradoat Chicago
Fri4/12/201911157:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado
Sat4/13/201911307:05 PM7:05 PMSan Joseat Colorado