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Avalanche legend Peter Forsberg is the star of a Swedish game show, and the clips of it are amazing

"Vem kan slå Anja och Foppa?" translates to "Who can beat Anja and Foppa?" and features Colorado Avalanche legend Peter Forsberg participating in zany challenges.
Credit: Courtesy Kanal 5
Peter Forsberg participates in a beer sliding challenge on a Swedish game show that he stars in.


Peter Forsberg is living his best life right now, and we have clips from a Swedish game show to prove it. 

Seriously: The Colorado Avalanche legend and hockey icon is starring on the second season of a show called “Vem kan slå Anja och Foppa?” If you don’t speak Swedish, this translates to “Who can beat Anja and Foppa?” 

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In this context, Foppa is Peter Forsberg. Anja is THE Anja Parson, a Swedish former alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist.

The premise of the show is that the two challenge other Swedish icons in a variety of games of skill. Given that the author of this article does not speak Swedish, I can’t tell you the names of the specific challenges, but watching preview videos indicates one involves rollerblading. 

Another features the stars dramatically sliding beers across a table in a game somewhat similar to shuffleboard. 

In another game, it appears that Forsberg is attempting to pop as many balloons as possible while trapped in a metal cage. 

In this clip, Forsberg is wearing full football pads. Again, I don’t speak Swedish, so I’m not sure what is happening, but it looks intense. 

“Vem kan slå Anja och Foppa?” first premiered on Oct. 11, 2018, according to a translated IMDB page. As proof that people clearly don’t have taste, it only has 5.8/10 stars. The latest season premiered on Nov. 3.

If you get Swedish TV, it airs on Kanal 5. Here's an incredible promotional image from the show. 

Credit: Courtesy Kanal 5

Hopefully it will come to the U.S. next! 

(h/t to this tweet for leading us down an internet rabbit hole of Swedish reality TV)