DENVER — Nuggets basketball and Avalanche hockey are returning to the local television airwaves, Altitude TV announced Wednesday.

The Denver Nuggets game against the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors on Sunday, March 1, at 4 p.m. will air in Colorado on KTVD Channel 20.

The Nuggets and Raptors are both currently in second place within their conferences and looking to make a strong run in the NBA playoffs.

Altitude will also broadcast the game between longtime NHL rivals Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings on Monday, March 2, beginning at 5:30 p.m. on KTVD.

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Nuggets Raptors Avs Red Wings KTVD Channel 20

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The announcement comes amid an ongoing contract dispute between Kroenke Sports & Entertainment's (KSE) Altitude Sports network and television providers Comcast and Dish Network.

“We’re upset that many of our Nuggets and Avalanche fans are missing out on two special seasons because Comcast and Dish Network refuse to negotiate in good faith,” said KSE COO Matt Hutchings. “We’d like to thank DirectTV for allowing us to offer these games on over-the-air broadcast television within our home market. We applaud DirectTV for being a team player and allowing KTVD to televise these pivotal matchups as we enter the home stretch of this season.”

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