SEOUL - In the busy South Korean capital of Seoul, Mark Lee and engineers at the Korean Telecom Corporation have been in their own Olympic race for years.

They're working to be the first in the world to roll out the new and faster 5G network. It’s the next generation is cell phone technology, 100 times faster than the current 4G network.

“You can download 20 gigabytes of HD movie in one second,” Lee said.

WATCH | 5G network debuts at the Olympic Games

At the 2018 Olympics, that blazing network is being used to change how we watch live sports by taking dozens of cameras - in some cases more than 100 - in a competition venue and streaming video from those cameras to your phone or tablets.

That means as you sit in the stands, you can use interactive time-slice technology to switch between the best angles of action. There’s also “Synch View." It lets you stream two screens of action to your phone at the same time. As an example, one picture in your phone would show a bobsled racing down the track, another picture would show the driver's point of view.

KT will is also using 360 virtual reality to put fans in the action and hologram technology to put an athlete right in your home. All of it will be stream nearly live along with the 5G network capable of handling up to 250,000 devices.

“You can’t recognize the delay - it’s almost live,” said Lee.