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These TikToks from Colorado athletes give us a glimpse at what it's like to be an Olympian

Four Colorado Olympic athletes are on TikTok, and they offer a glimpse at their training and surprisingly relatable personal lives.

TOKYO, Japan — The Tokyo Olympics are here, and Team USA has more than its share of Colorado representation. 

Since it's 2021, some athletes are sharing their unique lives on TikTok, with videos of everything from the insane training it takes to be the best in the world to images of their pets (Olympians, they're just like us!). 

Here are 12 TikToks from Colorado athletes. Be sure to watch them compete on 9NEWS! 

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Adeline Gray

This wrestling standout uses TikTok to show off her crazy workouts and honestly just overall bada***ery. 

Here's one example of her TikTok content: 

Here she lifted a lot of weight: 

And here's an ill-fated 2020 excitement TikTok: 

Emma Coburn 

The Team USA steeplechase star uses TikTok to chronicle her training, life in Crested Butte and travels – like this look at grocery shopping in Switzerland. 

Here she is recapping what it 's like to be a professional athlete: 

And here she is making pudding: 

Yul Moldauer

Olympic gymnast Yul Modauer trained in Wheat Ridge, and his TikTok is basically just an amalgamation of feats of athleticism normal people just can't do. 

Here he is doing a casual backflip in his backyard: 

And here he is doing a celebratory windmill: 

> The video above is from a previous 9NEWS feature on Yul. 

This TikTok shows off how nice it is to travel with Team USA (since most of us never will): 

Kendall Chase

Evergreen native Kendall Chase uses TikTok to educate people about the sport of rowing – as well as to share videos of her adorable Goldendoodle

This clip was viewed 3.6 million times. 

And here she is showing off what the U.S. Olympic rowing team puts in their dry bags: 

And here are some rowing facts: 


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