At the base of Copper Mountain, Terrain Park Manager Noah Schwander and his team have had a busy two weeks.

Their job has been to make huge amounts of snow, which have been used to make a halfpipe and big air venue for the Toyota U.S. Grand Prix.

Copper Mountain spokesperson Stephanie Sweeney says it’s an Olympic qualifying event two months before the games start in South Korea.

“This year’s Grand Prix at Copper is a huge deal all these athletes,” Sweeney said.

Teams from all over the world are coming to Colorado to compete.

“There are teams from every corner of the world,” Sweeney said. “We have Korea, Japan, Canada the U.S. you name it they are all here.”

Team USA Olympians like Kelly Clark and Shaun White will take on the halfpipe, while next to them snowboarders will compete in the big air event – which is making its Olympic debut at the 2018 Games.

“We’re the only big air Olympic qualifier for this,” Schwander said.

It’s an event that has athletes going off a big jump, then twisting and turning up to 90 feet through the air before landing on a massive pile of snow.

“It’s roughly 80 feet wide,” Schwander said.

All of it built thanks to Schwander and his team who have put an Olympic-sized effort into getting athletes ready for the Olympics.