Every house his its rules. A House of Flags in Lakewood just has high standards.

“We sell all kinds of flags,” John Seebeck said. “The largest we have on our shelf is 30 by 60 feet.”

Flag etiquette is of the utmost importance. Seebeck is the owner and handles flags every day.

“Honoring the flag means you respect it,” he said. “The flag should always be held in the highest respect and placed in a place of honor when you are displaying it.”

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A lot of people watching the Olympics Tuesday night saw how the American flag was displayed by Shaun White after taking home the gold medal in the halfpipe.

“He actually dropped the flag,” Seebeck said. “Didn’t really hang onto as tightly as maybe he could have.”

Seebeck doesn’t think White dropped or dragged the flag on purpose. He thinks White got caught up in the heat of the moment and the excitement after winning his third gold medal.

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“This was an accident,” he said. “And mistakes happen I’m afraid.”

Still, John understands why the subject has gotten so many people talking.

“I think that indicates that people do respect the flag and want to see it respected,” he said.

Several people wrote to 9NEWS expressing their disappointment with how Shaun White handled the flag during his gold-medal-winning moment. We reached out to leadership at the American Legion Department of Colorado to get their take on what happened.

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Jay Bowen, Americanism Chairman, sent 9NEWS the following statement concerning Shaun White’s treatment of the flag:

There has been much spoken and written about the unfortunate mistake Shaun White made yesterday after winning his 3rd Gold Medal. From all accounts, he allowed our US Flag to drop to the ground and he dragged it as he left the site of his record-breaking Olympic feat.
There is no organization more protective or proud of our Nation's Colors than The American Legion. We are the first to criticize and admonish anyone who knowingly and purposely disrespects our Nation and our Flag, and we also are the first to understand that not all actions are done with the purpose to disrespect our Country.
Regarding Shaun White's actions yesterday, it appears his actions were based off the realization he had just accomplished what few people in the world had done. He won his 3rd Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics. During his celebration, he dropped the Flag he had, just seconds before, proudly waved above his head.
Later, when brought to his attention, he immediately apologized for his momentary lack of awareness. I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush of winning an Olympic Gold Medal, much less 3. I don't think we should be so quick to jump on Shaun. He publicly apologized and indicated he has a great deal of love of country and he stated he flies the US Flag at his home. I suggest we consider his entire actions after his remarkable feat, not find fault for a momentary lack of judgment.