KUSA — Four years ago, then-17-year-old Missy Franklin won five Olympic medals in London.

In Rio, she had what she describes as “the hardest week of my life, by far.”

“I’m shattered,” she said.

Franklin did not qualify for the finals in the 200 freestyle and 200 backstroke. She was cut from the 4x200 freestyle relay before the finals

“I wish I had an explanation for what happened, but I am going to come back stronger,” Franklin said.

She says she’s relying on her faith – and doing her best to stay positive despite everything that has happened.

“Sometimes you pour your heart into something, and it doesn’t turn out how you wanted,” Franklin said. “I’m sorry if I let anyone down.”

Nevertheless, Franklin says she’s confident that we’re going to see her again in four years.

“Absolutely, and it is going to go much better than this,” Franklin said.

And even though she had the hardest week of her life, Franklin -- ever the team player -- is still thinking about the people around her.

"I'm going to be the best cheerleader for USA for the rest of the meet," Franklin said. "My teammates are amazing and I'm so happy for them."