In the heart of Seoul, the Noryangjin Fish Market might look like an impressive aquarium, but South Korean residents like Johnathan Kim don't come here to look at the fish.

"During winter time yellow tail is in season," said Kim.

They come here to eat them.

It's a massive market where vendors have tanks full of fish, crab, giant octopus and just about anything that swims or is slimy and lives in the water.

It's fish about as fresh as it gets.

"Unless you go out in a boat," said Kim.

Because, as you look at what's for sale, what's for sale is looking back.

Once you find something you like, it gets sliced or chopped up. Then it's cooked under the same roof.

"You take it up stairs to the restaurant and they prepare it for us. They charge per person and they have a setup fee. We have to pay for alcohol and if you put it all together it's cheaper than going to a restaurant in the city," said Kim.

It's part of the reason he comes to this market once a month where he can see the food, then eat the sea food, "I just asked him to give me the stuff from the head, the head is usually better," said Kim.