In the snow covered rural mountains of South Korea in a hotel that seems just a little out of place, Colorado resident Brady Collins has made a surprising discovery.

"It's unique. All of a sudden there’s a 5-star hotel here,” Collins said.

Among the marble and crystal chandeliers in the Kensington Flora Hotel is an Olympic collection unlike anything in the world.

“I can’t say I have seen anything like this to be honest,” Collins said.

There are dozens of Olympic torches and walls lined with original Olympic programs -- some more than 100 years old.

“You have 1908 Olympic program over here, you have 1924 first Winter Olympic program right here, so it’s pretty amazing to stand here and see it,” Collins said.

There are also cases filled with some amazing one-of-a-kind Olympic memorabilia from both the winter and summer games.

“You have a Bob Beamon picture over her and Eric Heiden and Mary Retton and Usain Bolt has cleats over there.” Collins said.

That case also includes a signed Michael Phelps swim cap. The most popular attraction? Skates autographed by South Korea Figure Skater Yuna Kim, which the staff says is just one of three in the world.

The collection is priceless and all of it is kept the hotel lobby for anyone to see.

"It’s an amazing hotel,” Collins said.