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As COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, bicycle business in Colorado is booming

Not only are new bicycle sales thriving, but repair work on old bikes is as well.

DENVER — City streets are where the rubber meets the road.   

Local bike trails have also been overrun. As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls along, the bicycle business is booming.

“All of the shops that are open are up more than 100 percent on kids and family bikesm" said Tyler Pilger, co-owner of Elevation Cycles.  

Sales are up, and there are lines at each one of Pilger’s Denver area stores.   The reality is he’s running out of inventory.  

“We were able to manage, but with the extra demand the manufacturers are literally out for the summer. Trek, one of our main manufacturers, won’t have bikes until October," said Pilger.

But that hasn’t slowed down outdoor enthusiasts, eager for exercise or mobility.  

And we’re not just talking about new bicycle purchase. Elevation Cycles did more repair work last month on old bikes than they have in the last five years combined.

"Absolutely, we’ve been seeing so many bikes that haven’t been touched for three, five or 10 years,” said Pilger.  "And we’ve been doing essential repairs to get everybody out, get them on the road. And then we’ve been saving the big tune-ups for appointments literally next month.”

It’s primetime to get on a bike, or you might be left behind.

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