News that a cyclist was attacked by a runner on a trail at North Table Mountain led to a quick and generous reaction from others in the cycling community.

The cyclist, Andrew, says he was riding up the trail when he saw the runner. He says he rang his bell to get the man's attention, but he had headphones on.

When Andrew passed, he says he shook his head at the runner and the runner screamed expletives at him.
Later in his ride Andrew says he ran into the runner again.

Andrew said, "Without me saying anything or doing anything to provoke them, they grabbed me by throat, separated me from my bike and started shoving me down onto a boulder that was off the side of the trail."

Andrew wasn’t seriously hurt, but his bike was damaged.

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Matthew George, a rider himself, says reading online that a fellow cyclist was attacked on the trail was difficult.

“One of the notes on his story is that he had a 10-month-old child and I thought this gentleman probably doesn't have a giant pile of cash sitting around for extra mountain bike parts,” said George.

While the victim, Andrew, said he didn't need all of the donations he was offered, he's still getting emotional support from many in the cycling community.

Sandra Marticio, Vice president of the Colorado Mountain Bike association says she wants to see more unity between the different athletes.

“Most of us found this story disheartening because although mountain biking may be our first love nearly all of us are hikers or runners as well,” said Marticio.

For George it's simply about having respect for anyone riding, running, or hiking the trails.

“People get adrenaline in their system and that can make for a bit of attitude but not throwing punches or pushing people down boulders or kicking them or throwing their bike off a cliff that is extreme to put it lightly,” said George.

Those who frequent the trails say practicing trail etiquette is important and that includes wearing headphones that don’t block out all sound so you can hear others around you.