ROXBOROUGH PARK, Colo. — If there's one thing we know, Coloradans love being outdoors. 

“I feel like we’ve got to get some sun and some fresh air. And we’re doing distancing,” said Jack Baron on a gorgeous spring day at Roxborough State Park.

The Governor's stay at home order doesn't mean you can't go to state parks, but visitors need to follow these proactive steps.

That is a sign of the times, but there are no signs things are slowing down at Colorado’s 41 State Parks.  

“The good part of that is people are getting outside, and that’s what we want," said Bridget Kochel, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

With attendance on the rise, Kochel says park visitors need to follow social distancing guidelines.

“Participate in activities that you can do by yourself or in small groups," said Kochel, “That includes hiking, biking or fishing.”

It’s important that park visitors give each other give plenty of space, at least six feet. Early mornings and evenings are typically less crowded. And, most importantly, if you’re sick, stay home.

“And that’s a huge thing that we want to promote. Share kindness and smiles at state parks, not germs," Kochel exclaimed.

The message is simple, it's okay to go outside, but be responsible and, by all means, take a hike.

“It's great to get out and feel the sunshine, instead of being cooped up in your house," said Rhonda Parrish.

“Take out all the distractions, and just focus on being present in the moment.  And being a part of nature," said Lauren Parrish.

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