A snowboarder required a lift out of some freezing conditions after spending a night out of bounds at Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort.

The snowboarder rode out of bounds Tuesday before being reported missing and subsequently spending the night on the mountain in the freezing cold.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter was later requested to find and rescue the wayward rider.

Along with CHP’s H-24 rescue chopper, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office launched its CALSTAR 6 Air Ambulance helicopter to assist.

The CALSTAR would eventually find the snowboard, calling the H-24 to finally pick him up.

The helicopter flew the snowboarder to a command post where a ground ambulance picked him up and took him to a nearby hospital.

CHP officials used the rescue as an opportunity to remind skiers and snowboarders to respect signs indicating out-of-bounds areas, especially during a year of abundant snowfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.