Tyler Polumbus has Colorado covered with it comes to football. He's gone from being a Bruin to a Buffalo to a Bronco to broadcasting - broadcasting football of course. The former Bronco offensive lineman will now spend his Sundays on the Broncos sideline doing radio.

"Well, I spent a lifetime in the NFL avoiding the media and saying no to every interview request so I guess no, I never thought I would be here," admitted Polumbus.

Tyler will be on the sidelines, but it won't be the traditional role.

"From the sidelines I'll have the opportunity to call a full series like a color guy and in addition to all of that I'll have the traditional sideline roles."

Tyler has officially gone from being talked about to doing the talking. He's excited about his new job, but what he's done on the field has always taken a backseat to his role at home, stressing that his family is what matters most.

"When I'm dead and gone I hope they'll be talking about me as a husband and a father."

For now though, it'll be Polumbus doing the talking - from the Broncos sidelines.