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Richardson III shines as Smoky Hill wins 52-26 over Fossil Ridge

The Buffaloes QB tossed eight TD's in a high-scoring win.
Credit: Scotty Gange/KUSA
Buffaloes QB tossed eight TD's in high scoring win

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — So, There's something we've got to talk about.

Smoky Hill's QB Leslie Richardson III is good at football.

Very good. 

Friday night he was ridiculous. Richardson III threw eight touchdowns. Really. 

Four of those were thrown to junior wide receiver Anthony Harris Jr.

For the record, he was outstanding on Friday night as well.

Smoky jumped ahead early 21-0 but Fossil Ridge was able to make it a game and battle throughout the second and third quarters with unrelenting runs by senior back Chris Bowerfind. 

But every time it looked as though the Sabercats were clawing their way back, Leslie trotted back onto the field.

His demeanor was as calm as if he were playing catch with his buddies at lunchtime. His high-arch throws found the green Smoky Hill jerseys more than they found the green turf.

You always want to win the last game of the season. Normally that means you're a champion. Friday was a regular-season/exhibition. But that didn't take away any of the fire from either team.

With Richardson leading the Buffaloes in pregame chants and riding the deep ball to victory, the Fossil Ridge senior linebacker was as juiced as ever. The energy was fun and it was right. Two talented and gritty teams duking it out. With one side proving to be superior.

Smoky ended their season 3-4 and the Fossil Ridge Sabercats have one more game to play.

Smoky won the day, 52-26, Richardson ended his senior season on the highest of notes, and the Buffaloes won the last game of the season.

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