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Simon Fletcher cooking up life lessons in Fort Morgan

New Broncos Ring of Fame electee, Simon Fletcher, is serving up life lessons at his new BBQ joint in Fort Morgan.

<p>16 Dec 1989: Defensive lineman Simon Fletcher of the Denver Broncos tackles a Phoenix Cardinals player during a game at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos won the game, 37-0.</p>

Slow cooked. The smoker is the perfect tool for new Broncos Ring of Fame electee Simon Fletcher.

"I'm not in a hurry to do anything," said Fletcher. "That time has come and passed."

One of the fastest players ever at getting to the quarterback, the team's all-time leader in sacks (103.5 if you include the postseason) moves at a different pace now. Fletcher opened a new restaurant in Fort Morgan about two months ago.

This is Bar-B-Que, cooked to order, it is not fast food.

"So if you don't have time, there's a place with a bell, I forgot the name but they're represented by a Chihuahua and they make tacos and stuff. go down there or go to McDonalds," Fletcher told 9NEWS. "But when you come here, have some time to visit with a neighbor. Talk to your family. Slow down. People are in such a hurry to go nowhere and do nothing."

Fletcher cut his culinary teeth when he was 11 years old, helping his mom who was working two jobs in Texas. Helping, but not matching.

"She had an amazing way of knowing just the right amount of green pepper, onion and garlic," said Fletcher.

He could always cook. But owning a restaurant? That did happen until the tail end of his Broncos career when he was out for a bite to eat.

"I went for a hot dog and somehow I got convinced I should buy that place,"said Fletcher.

22 years later, after a short break from the business, Fletcher is at it again with his place in Fort Morgan. again bought on a whim.

"Word that comes to mind is insanity," said Fletcher. "There's got to be a screw loose up in here because this is the hardest work with the tightest margins."

Perhaps it's an impulse buy.

"I am what I am. People who know me say you're stubborn. I say no. I'm set in the things that have gotten me to places that most people only dream of," said Fletcher.

No longer a speed rush, but Fletcher applies the same work ethic to his cooking, that made him a Broncos Ring of Famer on the football field. A work ethic he learned at a young age.

"I worked for the same guy from the time I was 9 to the age of 23 when I came (to Denver). And I never concerned myself with how many houses he sold or what his net revenue was. What I concerned myself with was making sure that when I went to the pay window on Friday that i was 100% certain that I did more work than I was being compensated for," said Fletcher.

He is putting in long days trying to get Simon Fletcher's Grid-Iron Grill and BBQ place fired up.

"Slept on the floor one night., boy, next morning these old bones was creaking," said Fletcher.

At least he got some sleep. It's been tough to come by.

"I fell asleep in my car going to Greeley at night," said Fletcher. "Went off the road and in to a crazy spin. I kept wondering why did the Good Lord spare me? I should've rolled, something should've happened. But it was so I could go in to the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame baby!"

He'll have to wait to see his name up at Mile High. It's already here, off of Interstate 76 on the Eastern Plains.

"That's my great grandfather's name, who I knew and I grew up around and lived until i was almost 30," said Fletcher. "It was my grandfather's name and my dad's name. Now it's my kids name and my grandkids name. So when I come off that Interstate and I see Fletcher, I know that name requires I give 100%"

Simon says stop in.

"What I like most about this business is everyday I meet someone new and most everyday I make new friends," said Fletcher.

His best friends know this is home cooking.

"You don't get that in 5 minutes. Especially if there are 15 tickets ahead of you," said Fletcher.

So be prepared to stay a while.

After all, what's the rush?

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