Before Arapahoe Basin opened and skiers started carving the corduroy, Jay DeBaggis was grabbing his fastest skis.

"Looks like they put a groom run as smooth as a baby’s behind on that hill," DeBaggis said.

After clipping in those skis, DeBaggis had some help strapping into a custom made pink straightjacket. 

"So I took two long sleeve chefs coats to a seamstress, she cut the sleeves off one and sewed them onto the other and put ties on them," DeBaggis said. 

Jay DeBaggis 
Jay DeBaggis 

Then he headed up the hill to ty something perhaps never tried before – ski really fast in a straightjacket, and set a World Record doing it.

He spent weeks training, hoping to hit 60 miles an hour without the use of his arms for balance.

"I have been skiing without poles for about ten years," DeBaggis said.

He's also doing it to raise money and awareness for the Summit County Mountain Mentors Program. 

"We’re trying to raise some money for the kids scholarship fund and we’re trying to raise awareness because we have a wait list of 55 kids," said DeBaggis.

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Then it was time for launch, with a crowd gathered, Jay took off like a pink lightning bolt, hitting 64 miles an hour,

It’s an impressive feat, even for C.J. Muller who once skied 137 miles an hour.

“64 miles an hour, ya sure. But in a straightjacket, not for me. The idea of having your arms locked in is a little spooky," Muller said.

Jay DeBaggis 
Jay DeBaggis 

That’s something as far as DeBaggis knows, only he's crazy enough to try.

"We’re calling it a World Record. 64 miles an hour in a straightjacket, it’s kind of crazy but I guess so am I,” DeBaggis said.