Denver — Emmanuel Sanders has stood in front of his locker thousands of times, but on Wednesday afternoon he brought his locker with him.

Kepner Beacon Middle School is the first recipient of Emmanuel's Locker, sports equipment and supplies donated to students who need it as part of the Emmanuel Sanders Foundation.

"This was fun," said an excited Sanders. "To be able to start the foundation up a year ago and now seeing all the work and to see where all the money is going and see how we can change lives in the Denver community, that's what it's all about.

Sanders participated on Wednesday afternoon in a school-wide assembly at Kepner Beacon Middle School. The sports equipment will be available for use both during and after school hours.

"Growing up I felt like I lacked certain opportunities that other kids were afforded so I wanted to give these children the same opportunities every child should be given regardless of their economic status," said Sanders.

These we the first lockers to be opened but Sanders' foundation should provide many more in the future.