The Olympics have the tendency to make everyone kind of wish they were a professional athlete.

This Colorado dad took the concept to a whole new level … and sent a video to 9NEWS to prove it.

Daniel Hadley and his wife welcomed a “Super Bowl baby” last week – and also happened to get some great Olympics gear from two Paralympic medalists.

Since his wife has been busy recovering and tending to their newborn, Hadley says he’s picked up some of the slack at home.

“I’ve been helping out with the cleaning and wanted to give her a good laugh since she’s been a little stir-crazy in the house!” he wrote to us via Facebook.

So, he did the logical thing and recorded a video of himself curling with a Roomba. His original recording had the Olympic theme song playing the background, however, due to music rights issues, 9NEWS had to go ahead and replace it with a moderately less epic song that probably wasn't written by John Williams.

Watch Hadley do what we calls his “new curling challenge” in the video below!

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Thanks for the laugh, Daniel!

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