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UNC Bears Hoping for National Title

UNC sending three student-athletes to Tulsa, Oklahoma for NCAA Tournament.

GREELEY, Colorado — UNC freshman Stevo Poulin became a king at the Big 12 Championships.  

“I got a lot of people telling me congratulations and stuff but you know that’s not, that’s not the final thing,” said Poulin, who captured the title in the 125-pound weight class. “Just keep my head in the right place knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and staying on the right path.” 

A path he hopes ends with a National Championship, “I think I’m the best,” Poulin smiled. “I just have to wrestle the best, make sure I’m feeling good and get the job done.”   

Vinny Zerban, another Bears freshman, is also competing at the NCAA championships. He was awarded an at-large bid. He and Vinny have actually known each other since they were 10 years old. They youth wrestled together throughout their younger years. When Vinny found out Stevo was headed to Greeley, he had to change his plans.  

“I was actually about to move in with a different house so then I had to tell them I was gonna move in with Stevo,” said Zerban. “So I was pretty excited. He’s my best friend.”  

With Poulin, Zerban and Greeley Central Alum and the number one ranked wrestler in the country, Andrew Alirez, all competing for national titles, UNC is once again, on the big stage. 

“I think it’s huge right,” said UNC Wrestling Head Coach Troy Nickerson. “This city, this state has been looking for something to get behind for a long time now. All three of these guys have a chance to win a national title. If any of them get it done, it’s just gonna further validate our program. We want to be that program that really puts Greeley on the map.”

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