Calling the FBI. Calling the FBI. Or maybe just call them later.

It was the great Super Bowl artifact heist.

Tom Brady got his jerseys back from his past two Super Bowls wins.

But Von Miller still hasn’t seen the helmet he wore as Super Bowl 50 MVP. It’s around. Miller said it’s at the local FBI headquarters in Denver.

“Just waiting to bring it over whenever we get time, or for me to go pick it up,’’ he said. “They got it, the finest have it so I’m OK.’’’

Turns out, a media poser, Martin Mauricio Ortego, had been taking Super Bowl souvenirs for a couple years and bringing them back to his home in Mexico. The FBI tracked down the guy. Brady got the jerseys back he wore in Super Bowl XLIX (49) and LI (51).

Apparently, Miller can get his Super Bowl 50 helmet back whenever the exchange is arranged.

But what about his cleats? Miller didn’t know his helmet was stolen until a year later when he got a call from Broncos’ security boss Keith Bishop saying it was recovered from the thief.

“That’s how crazy last year was,’’ Miller said, referring to his whirlwind Super Bowl 50 tour.

But Miller was aware he was missing his Super Bowl shoes shortly after the game on Feb. 7, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. It didn’t hit him they were stolen. But he wondered where they ran off to.

Miller won the 50 game for the Broncos with two strip sacks of Carolina quarterback Cam Newton that led to two touchdowns in a 24-10 win.

“I don’t worry about those,’’ Miller said of his cleats. “I’ve still got to check those out. But I play with two pair of cleats. I’ve got the second pair. I’ve got the second-half cleats. I don’t have the first-half.’’

Wait. Miller wears two pairs of cleats for each game?

“I changed cleats at halftime because the field was kind of slippery,’’ he said. “They’ll turn up. My mom personally has my jersey. I’m fine.’’

Maybe if Miller were a little more materialistic about such things, he’d be sweating it. With five years left on his contract, Miller said it’s not garb he’s worried about.

“We’re going to play in two more Super Bowls,’’ he said. “Those next two Super Bowls, I guarantee you I’ll walk away with my finger tape, my helmet, I promise you I will have all of my stuff.’’