Life on the hardwood has certainly changed for the better for Derrick White now that basketball believes in the local NBA hopeful.

Todays pre-NBA draft workout with the Nuggets was White's twelfth and he has another tomorrow. There are 13 NBA teams that are interested after not one Division I university wanted White out of high school.

Three break-out years at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and a tremendous senior season at the University of Colorado Boulder changed things.

White averaged 32.8 points a game, 4.1 rebounds a game, and a total of 148 assists in 34 games with the Buffs.

That, plus the fact that Derrick is now 6-foot-5. He grew nearly a half a foot since high school and when he wasn't hooping it up at Legend High School he was watching the Nuggets.

"I went all the time," said White. "I'm a Colorado guy, so any Colorado sports team is my team, so I was always at the games."

Derek is confident his next game will be in the NBA, but he says he doesn't care if he's drafted in the first round just as long as he gets drafted.

"It's more important to go to a team that wants me," White said, "a team that's going to help me improve and that gives me a chance to play."

The Nuggets have three picks in this year's NBA draft, the No. 13, 49, and 51 picks.