Gary Shapiro sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about a new software company that has tools for landlords built by a landlord.

The company is TurboTenant. Based in Fort Collins, it is building the tools to help landlords around the world take care of all the small online needs of people who rent apartments and homes to others.

One of the biggest headaches for landlords is finding tenants who will pay the rent, and won't destroy a property. TurboTenant helps in that by requiring prospective tenants to submit to a background and credit check.

This is a unique aspect of this company: The tenants pay for that check, and TurboTenant keeps a part of that fee. That makes it so that the company can offer the software for free to the landlords. Those landlords are small business operators, so they always like getting a service for free.

In addition to the background checks, TurboTenant helps landlords build web pages about each property, and link that page out to CraigsList and all the other myriad sites that list apartments and homes for rent. Then when a unit is rented, one click turns off all those ads and marks the page for the unit as rented.

Colorado has a number of great companies in this space, including many that we've covered in past episodes of Tech Tuesday. They include RentBits, based in Denver, a company that has a focus on software for larger apartment complexes. Others include Apto for commercial real estate brokers, and BiggerPockets, an information hub for real estate investors.

Event in Fort Collins

This is Fort Collins Startup Week, and among dozens of other events there's one on Friday where you can meet the CEO of TurboTenant, Sarnen Steinbarth, along with Devin Eldridge of Stow, a sort of an AirBnB for storage space, and Ashley Colpaart, CEO of The Food Corridor, a sort of an AirBnB for commercial kitchen space.

The events at the Startup Week are all free, but you do need to register ahead of time to make sure there's room at each event.

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