KUSA – Scott Yates used the Tech Tuesday segment this week to talk about an analytics firm for healthcare and medical prescription providers.

From a patient's perspective, pharmaceutical prescriptions consist of a simple process. Your doctor hands you a sheet of paper, which you take to the pharmacy to get filled. Sometimes that simple process happens electronically, but it's the same process. From that doctor's perspective, however, the process is far more complicated.

Prescribing medicine is a key function of a medical professional's daily life. And yet, much information is typically missing to best serve patients. Doctors don't know whether prescriptions were actually filled, how they helped their patients, and whether more cost-effective alternatives exist. Denver startup RxRevu looks to close that informational gap.

The software platform collects drug and patient data, and organizes it into a dashboard designed to measure performance, optimize the process, and detect gaps in care. It then analyzes that data into both reactive and predictive reports that helps healthcare providers make more informed and beneficial prescription decisions.

At its core, however, RxRevu has higher aspirations. CEO Carm Huntress says that his company's goal is to "organize the world's pharmaceutical data."

The analytics provided on individual cases will be used for intelligence to find the best drugs to prescribe patients in the future. It pivots healthcare professionals away from prescribing drugs they're familiar with, and toward alternatives that have been proven to make the biggest possible improvement in patients' health.

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