KUSA - Your baby is teething when their first set of teeth break through the gums. But most parents know it as the time when their angelic children turn into screaming, crying babies. And for good reason too! But 9NEWS has some gadgets that might make the teething period a little more bearable.

  • Toofeze - this is a stainless steel and silicone teether for infants. The three surfaces enable the baby to soothe and ease painful teething symptoms. The cool disk reduces gum inflammation, easy for little ones to grip, useful for all teething phases, dishwasher safe. It's made with all-natural materials. It was invented by a Colorado mom and grandmother. It retails for $20. Find out more on www.toofeze.com.
  • LoopyGear - this wristlet is used for babies to hold their teething toys. It's made for a baby's wrist and can be used on a car seat and carriers. It's machine washable and made in a variety of fabrics. A Colorado mom and daughter invented it. It retails for $15.99. Find out more here: www.loopygear.com.

And what about your kiddos when they're done teething and move on? Here are some gadgets that might help parenthood be a little easier.

  • Poppydrops - it's a veggie-based, pierce-free earring and nail starter kit for little girls. It's waterproof and long-lasting. It's non-toxic and all it takes is water. It was invented by a colorado mom. It retails for $5.95. Find out more here: www.poppydrops.com.
  • Neat Cheeks - it's sweet, flavored face wipes for infants and kids. It's flavored with Stevia. There's no sticky residue and it's fragrance free. Does not have alcohol in it. It's pediatrician and dermatologist tested. It was invented by two Colorado moms. Find out more here: www.neatcheeks.com.
  • Keira's Kollection - inspirational T-shirts for toddlers and little girls. They were invented by a Colorado dad and his daughter. They retail for about $12. Find out more here: http://keiraskollection.com/.
  • Kangacare - it's the first cloth diaper to have the technology of a dual inner gusset design. It has a four-layer absorbent core and a one-size cover. It was invented by a Colorado mom and fits four sizes that fits from birth, 6 pounds to potty training. Find out more here: http://www.kangacare.com/.

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