COLORADO, USA — It's been 50 years since one of the most iconic moments in broadcast and US history: the Apollo 11 moon landing mission.

An estimated 600-650 million people all over the world watched the broadcast from the lunar surface on July 20, 1969.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins all became etched in history that day.

Below you will find some of the best content 9NEWS has created to memorialize that epic moment in history.

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Apollo 11 Anniversary: By the numbers

Manned lunar missions ended in the 1970s. But NASA is working to return astronauts to the moon by 2024 and, eventually, send them to Mars.

Students travel to Mars-like environment to learn about emergency medicine

CU-Boulder engineering students learned about practicing emergency medicine on the red planet at Utah's Mars Desert Research Station.

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CU Boulder wants to study asteroids and NASA will consider it

A team from CU Boulder wants to get a whole lot closer to space rocks astronomers can only see through telescopes. NASA could make that happen.

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Research team works to create smaller artificial gravity machine

A team at CU Boulder is working on creating a machine that simulates gravity and will easily fit in a rocket to space.

Colorado remembers moon missions, works to contribute to aerospace industry

While the Rockies have their own tribute to the moon missions and Colorado's aerospace industry, CU Boulder is working on a pitch to NASA that would send satellites into deep space.

Reporter reflects on his day in Neil Armstrong's hometown in Ohio

Greg Dobbs was in Neil Armstrong's hometown as the world watched his journey to the moon.

Local artist's Apollo 11 sculpture sent off to Kennedy Space Center

We went behind the scenes to see how the artist created the sculpture being used to honor the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

CU Boulder celebrates Apollo 11 anniversary, and beyond

At the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, there are more than 75 shows this month to celebrate 50 years since the first manned lunar mission.

Ever wondered what it's like to walk on the moon? An astronaut explains

Harrison Schmidt is the last human to have walked on the moon. Watch his spectacular story below. 

'It was miraculous': What these Coloradans remember about watching the moon landing

9NEWS asked a group of seniors at Holly Creek Retirement Community what they remember about the moon landing. 

Inspired by Apollo 11, Greeley man was finalist for Teacher in Space project

Robert Stack was inspired to want to go into space after witnessing the Apollo 11 launch. 

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