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Did you see a line of lights in the sky over Colorado? Here's an explanation

Each time a Starlink launch passes over Colorado, people ask about the line of lights in the sky. Here's the answer.

DENVER — Seeing lights in the sky might have you gesturing "aliens" like the guy in the meme, but there's an explanation for what many people are seeing that's a lot closer to home. 

9NEWS got dozens of messages Thursday night from people who spotted a line of lights in the night sky. We've gotten more of these reports in recent months, like you can see from the links below. 

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The likely answer? SpaceX launched another 60 Starlink satellites earlier this week, and they were visible over parts of Colorado. 

The company has sent 300 Starlink satellites into orbit since March 4, and more launches are planned in the coming weeks. 

The goal of Starlink is to provide low-cost internet to people in rural areas without access to high-speed broadband. 

There are now hundreds of these satellites in orbit, and with each launch, comes more reports of lines of lights in the sky. 

This website actually tracks the locations of the satellites, and will tell you the best time to see them based on where you live. 

Each launch brings more reports of lights in the sky and potential UFOs across the U.S., but the good news is that it's not an alien invasion. 

Some astronomers in Washington have raised concerns that the bright lights from the satellites are interfering with their sensitive instruments. 

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