In the Louisville Recreation Center where people use machines to stay healthy, there's a machine on display that people use if they're sick.

"People are kind of -- what is this big crazy thing? It's a little intimidating. It's got a lot of moving parts," said Amy Randle, Avista Adventist Hospital Robot Surgery clinical coordinator.

Randle is a registered nurse showing off the new $1.9 million da Vinci Xi Robot Surgeon. It is part "seated console," part "mechanical octopus." Doctors at Avista Adventist are now using this device to make operations less invasive, Randle explained.

"So, we love the fact that we can bring world-class, latest greatest technology to Louisville and we can bring it here and show our patients which are really Louisville citizens," Randle said.

The machine has a console where the surgeon looks into a viewfinder providing a 3D, High Definition image magnified 10 times while controlling two robotic arms that are designed to twist like a real human wrist. Randle said the machine helps doctors be more precise.

"What this robot allows the surgeon to do is it gives greater visibility, greater optics," Randle said.

At the Rec Center, preschool kids came out to try the big, cool robot.

"It covers all ages, all interests," Randle said.

 The robot surgeon also drew the attention of adults like Brian Hill.

"I'm just amazed at the potential uses for this," Hill said.

He was able to manipulate the robotic arms and figures to the point where he unwrapped a Starburst candy.

"After a while, it gets to be fairly easy," Hill said. "It was pretty easy to unwrap the Starburst candy."

Randle said there are 4,000 robot surgeons worldwide. But she added that this particular model is the first one in Boulder County. She said she's proud to let people know what the local hospital is up to.

"We love engaging with our community, These are our friends, our family," Randle said. "I live here in Louisville. The Louisville Rec Center, this is my gym."