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22 years of Steve Spangler on 9NEWS

9NEWS Science Expert Steve Spangler has been exciting viewers and blowing minds on 9NEWS for more than two decades.

DENVER — You know him. He's the guy who carves pumpkins with explosions. It's 9NEWS Science Expert Steve Spangler.

Spangler celebrates 22 years of demonstrating cleaver science experiments to the viewers of 9NEWS. He's done more than 1500 segments on 9NEWS, entertaining viewers and startling anchors.

In 1991, Spangler started out as a science teacher at Willow Creek Elementary in the Cherry Creek School District. He was doing library shows in his spare time.

"An executive producer, that was working for NBC business video at the time, approached me after her kids were at the show and said 'would you like to be on TV?' And I said 'sure'" Spangler said about his beginnings.

In 2000, Spangler was approached by Ed Greene about doing an experiment on 9NEWS.

"He invited me to come and do a little segment with him in the backyard during his weather. So, he cut his weather short, didn't ask for permission, and I would just show up and do a little experiment," Spangler said.

Steve, and his sons, soon became regulars on 9NEWS. Then the brand "Steve Spangler Science" came to life, selling science kits to major stores nationally.

"We had grown to about 45 employees and we had 350 products that we produced on the market," Spangler said. "A company came along and said 'why don't you let us take it to the next level?' I said 'I'm not sure,' and my wife said 'you're selling it now.'"

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Spangler even made appearances on "Ellen." Since 2007, Spangler had appeared on the show more than 25 times.

"She would always push me bigger. So when I said to her producers 'I do this thing where I mix cornstarch and water I did it at Channel 9.' And I showed them the video and they're like 'how big can you get?' And that segment ended up, a cement truck, 2500 boxes of corn starch, 800 gallons of water and a small pool." 

Reflecting on his 30 years of making science fun, Spangler had this to say:

"I feel extremely grateful that the people around me have given me this opportunity."

Here are some of Steve's favorite moments on 9NEWS:

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