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Kids home on break? Try these 9 easy science experiments

Our science guy has some easy, do-it-yourself experiments you can try at home.

DENVER — Our science guy, Steve Spangler, has some fun and easy experiments you can try at home. Most of them require things you probably have around the house like milk, cornstarch, cups and rubber bands. Happy experimenting! 

Crystal ornaments

Grab some pipe cleaners, borax  (or sugar), water and food coloring to create these magical ornaments!

Quicksand experiment

Have some cornstarch? That's just about all you need for this fun experiment.

Magnets and cereal?

Grab some cereal with iron and try this!

Flying cup challenge

Styrofoam cups, tape and rubber bands are all you need for this one. 

Tie-dyeing (without the mess)

A cotton shirt, a plastic cup, a rubber band, a few sharpies and rubbing alcohol is what you'll need for this cool art session. 

Drinking cup puzzle

This do-it-yourself project combines some clever science with a twist of mind-bending magic.


Gobstoppers have layers of colors that, when they dissolve into water, do something very peculiar ...

Egg in the bottle

This one is a classic. 

Color milk explosion

Milk + food coloring -- this one is pretty cool!

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