Gary Shapiro sat down with Scott Yates for Tech Tuesday this week to talk about, a platform that helps advertisers reach college students more efficiently.

For many brands, college students are a confounding demographic. Despite being a desirable age group for many industries, they can be difficult to reach efficiently.Flytedesk promises to change that, by offering a service that aggregates on-campus advertising opportunities to turn a tedious ad-buying process into a breeze.

Headquartered in Boulder, the startup has recognized the need to improve advertising to millennials. Last year, eMarketer found that 63 percent of millennials block digital ads. Better channels need to be found, which is where Flytedesk steps in.

According to its website, the platform has aggregated 400 college newspapers, 500 on-campus billboards, and a number of other advertising opportunities specifically related to college students. Through a single platform, brands can buy ads in bulk and more easily reach their target audience.

For advertisers, the convenience of Flytedesk is undeniable. Rather than having to coordinate individual ad placements with each campus, a single platform takes care of the entire process.

High-profile clients like Nintendo and L.L. Bean are already taking advantage of this convenience. Meanwhile, college newspapers benefit from a more efficient way to work with advertisers and streamline their revenue.

The concept is unique, but gaining traction. Among the company's partners is SpotXChange, a video ad platform we discussed during a TechTuesdaysegment last month. Next week, Flytedesk will pitch its concept to AOL co-founder Steve Case, for a chance to earn a $100,000 investment.

Case's Rise of the Rest tour is scheduled to stop in Denver on Oct. 4, and Flytedesk will have 4 minutes to convince him of its business model and value proposition. If you want to learn more about this or other innovative local startups, RSVP now to join the event!

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