KUSA – 9NEWS Business Anchor Gregg Moss sat down with Scott Yates for his regular Tech Tuesday segment to discuss a Boulder startup that introduces a young-adult staple to baby boomers.

Owning a home is liberating, but also a significant investment. Not surprisingly, living by yourself to hold singular responsibility for your property is becoming increasingly less common. Earlier this month, a study found that for the first time in 130 years of tracking, adults between the ages of 18 and 34 were more likely to live with their parents than on their own.

But what happens when your children finally do move out of your home? We are all familiar with empty nest syndrome, the feeling of loneliness that comes with sending your children off to live on their own. Given that this moment now happens later than during any other time in recent history, that feeling can easily intensify.

Enter Silvernest, a Boulder startup with a simple goal: to connect empty nesters who are looking for someone to share their space. You might be familiar with its core business model from college: it's a roommate matching portal, giving homeowners the opportunity to list their available space and find housemates that are a geographical and personal match.

The matching service is free, but the company also allows users to manage the shared living relationship including background checks and automated bank transfers. The result is a service designed to allow empty nesters to connect, and to decrease the loneliness in their home.

While Silvernest relies on human connections to make its business work, IBM has developed its Watson computer with a very different goal in mind: to mimic the human brain through a process of self-learning, data mining, and pattern recognition known as cognitive computing.

The result has the chance to transform technology as a whole, which is why an event this week should be particularly interesting to area entrepreneurs and startups. On Thursday, June 2, attendees at General Assembly in Denver will learn about the famous computer, and even interact with Watson directly. IBM and marketing automation company HubSpot co-host the event, which will start at 5:30 p.m.

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