Corey Rose sat down with 9NEWS Technology Expert Scott Yates to talk about a local company that's making the internet a bit more civilized.

Inversoft, with offices in Lower Downtown, has built several products, but the one that you may have used without even knowing it is CleanSpeak.

CleanSpeak is an "API" or Application Programming Interface. What that means is that the CleanSpeak API is built to plug into other applications. It's sort of like an app for your phone, but instead it's an app for a website.

In this case, the CleanSpeak app plugs into websites from companies like Disney and Comcast, filtering profanity or other hate-filled language. It can keep chat agents from using improper language with customers. It can also keep messages in forums designed for children appropriate for all ages.

This API can also be plugged into mobile apps. The iTunes store can reject any apps that don't have some method for at least monitoring forum messages for profanity, so using the Inversoft API can help the app developers get their apps approved.

This product can filter not just forum messages, but chat messages, texts, and even profanity that can hide in usernames.

See some new developers in action

That CleanSpeak app was built by developers in Denver. Nearly every tech company in Denver is looking for great technical talent, and often that talent is coming from one of the code schools in town.

One of those schools, Galvanize, is showing off the graduates with an all-day "Capstone Showcase" next Thursday, Dec. 8. This will be a chance for the graduates to show off what they learned in a 24-week course. It will also be a chance for recruiters and others in the tech world to gobble up those graduates like so many Thanksgiving leftovers.

Also, Yates will be one of those judging pitches from anyone who wants to pitch an idea at an event Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Thrive Workspace in Cherry Creek.

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